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Methods taken as a reference for each micro-organism detected

After each meeting of the microbiology technical board, in other words approximately every two months, AFNOR Certification updates the list of validated methods.
The following table lists all of the validated methods under the NF VALIDATION mark, classified by category according to the type of micro-organism detected.

For each category, the standardised method taken as a reference is indicated in the right-hand column. By clicking on a category (left-hand column), you can access the list of validated methods for the micro-organism indicated.

Update on March 12th, 2014 – 123 methods certified NF VALIDATION

Micro-organism detected

Reference method


EN ISO 6579

Listeria (spp)

EN ISO 11290-1

Listeria monocytogenes

EN ISO 11290-1
EN ISO 11290-2


ISO 21528-1 and ISO 21528-2


ISO 4831
ISO 4832


ISO 16649-2

E.coli O157

EN ISO 16654

Total Viable Count

EN ISO 4833


official method (JO 1983/10/06, p. 9089 to 9093)


EN ISO 6888-1

Bacillus cereus

EN ISO 7932

Cronobacter spp (Enterobacter sakazakii)

ISO/TS 22964

Campylobacter spp

NF ISO 10272-1

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